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Marine & Aviation Specialists

Marine & Aviation Specialists

Who We Are

Our specialization and dedication result from our enthusiasm and passion for everything relative to the sea and to aviation in general. Knowing their business environment and following our clients’ day to day activities, we notice that risk is a constant factor inherent to the nature of our clients business.

Today, our portfolio includes clients that are a reference in the national and international markets. Our participation in some market segments places us in a prominent, leading position, such as:


with around 155 insured boats, equivalent to approximately 38% of the market *

Maritime Support Vessels

with around 105 boats equivalent to approximately 43% of the market *;

Port Operators

with 21 insured terminals, handling around 3,900,000 TEUS annually, equivalent to approximately 63% of the market**


dedicated to offshore operations, with around 117 choppers or equivalent to approximately 70% of the market;

General Aviation

with around 408 aircrafts insured.

* source: Antaq (2015) / ** source: Abratec (2015)

“There is never a dull day in marine insurance”