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Marine & Aviation Specialists

Marine & Aviation Specialists

Areas of Activity

Along all these years, we have worked in all insurance lines, but dedicated and specialized in Aviation and Maritime Risks. These are highly sophisticated lines which demand specific knowledge, and permanent interaction between the national and international markets.

To operate in these markets, we created an insurance and a reinsurance brokerage company, both of which supporting our operations. As such, we managed to integrate these activities into one single platform, aimed at transferring risks, in a fast, economic and efficient way.

We operate within our specialties in several ways, such as:

Insurance Brokerage

directly meeting the policy holders’ needs;

Reinsurance Brokerage

meeting the insurance and reinsurance companies demands;

International Retrocession

meeting the local reinsurance brokers’ demands, as well as supporting them in the generation of international deals;


jointly working with other brokers.

We handle frequent and/or severe damages and we can affirm that, in extreme cases, relying on a properly done insurance policy can make a difference between the continuation of a company or its termination. For this reason, we have structured ourselves to meet our clients’ needs in their most different demands and requirements, among which we highlight:

A correct risk identification, analysis and evaluation;

The preparation of coherent, effective risk transfer programs, aligned with each company’s financial capacity and risk appetite;

The development and maintenance of solid, personal and professional relationships with all the national and international markets, aiming at always obtaining the best possible terms and conditions;

The care and attention with all the business documents and transactional process, with permanent focus on clarity, objectiveness and correction, based on the “Contract Certainty” concept, adopted by the British market;

The availability to serve our clients 24 hours a day, any day of the week;

The handling of the accident claims from the moment of their notice until their effective liquidation upon assistance, tracking and frequent updates, based on internationally recognized claims management protocols;

In obtaining claims settlements in the fastest and fairest possible way.

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