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Marine & Aviation Specialists

Marine & Aviation Specialists


We have structured ourselves to meet our clients’ needs in their most different demands and requirements, specially port Operators, private terminals, ship owners among many others. learn +

Welcome to Inter Risk Services.

With over 20 years of experience in the Insurance and Reinsurance Market, Inter Risk Services is currently one of the major brokers in the Country, specialized in Maritime and Aviation risks. We serve our clients in all their insurance and coverage needs, therefore, further to our areas of specialization, we also have teams specialized in Employee Benefits Insurance, as well as in Financial Lines and Property & Casualty risks, structured to serve clients of all business sectors and segments.

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Mission, Vision and Values (MVP)


Operate on a customized basis on a global Market, deepening our understanding of our clients’ business, by means of ongoing dialogue with them;

Offer an excellent service, making sure that, in case of accidents, our clients are duly supported, assisted and protected against damages to their proprietary goods, against those caused to their employees, to third parties and/or to the environment;

Obtain the compensations due in order to repair all the damages covered, as best as possible and within the shortest time possible, aiming at business and operations fast recovery, as well as that of all the people directly and/or indirectly involved;

Develop and maintain strong, sincere, transparent and long-term relationships with our clients, service providers and markets, always aiming at good results for all the parties involved;

Pursue permanent improvement among all our cooperators, partners and clients, through the search and exchange of know-how and experiences.


Our purpose is to be acknowledged by the Market as the best provider of solutions to maritime and aviation risks, as well as all the other correlated risks inherent to these activities; to become leaders in these segments in Latin America, as well as the main reference in the international Market, both for the placement of Brazilian risks abroad, and foreign risks in the Brazilian Reinsurance Market.


We operate professionally as a Company. This word derives from the Latin *companìa, formed by cum "with" + panis "bread" (Houaiss) and initially refers to people who share the bread and, by extension, who walk together. Our relationship with people who are also part of other “companies” guide and motivate us to contribute for a more just, safe society, which values entrepreneurship and the creation of growth opportunities for all.

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